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yang masih dipikirkan
kalimat tanya bergantian
mengisi ruang perbincangan
lewat aplikasi pertukaran
saling memberikan
saling mengirimkan
ada pula gagal tersampaikan
sinyal sedang lupa melanjutkan

kmpungmanis 17 juli 2020

9 comments on “Daring

  1. I don’t know your language but I love your face and picture so I always like!

    • His poetry tell about DARING (DALAM JARINGAN) or ONLINE in english.

      As a teacher he share his experience during this pandemic time. Now, the teaching methode is totally different. Teacher and student doesn’t meet face to face. They use some meetng application to teach activity. Like Zoom or Google Classroom.

      But, it’s not always easy. The network provider stability, the capabality of using those apps, different type of learner, internet package/data which is expensive are the problems.

      I hope this pandemic is gone forever. So we can do what we do before. And my friend, Mr. Narno can go back as a real teacher in real class again.

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