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Chewing Words

Masih edisi terjemahan puisiku. Kali ini dengan judul Mengunyah Kata-kata. Sebuah puisi yang diispirasikan saat dulu sering lewat jalur selatan dan tak jarang menemukan seseorang yang sedang membacakan puisi-puisi kritik sosialnya.

Terima kasih kepada pemilik https://poetryofemotionscoms.com/ yang telah memberikan terjemahan versi bahasa inggrisnya.

 chewing endless words
 along the way shouting inequality
 income inequality for people
 in the left ear as well as the right
 Every return I do.
 every departure I take
 from city to city i don’t know how many times it’s been
 changing the faces admonished
 terminals have also been moved
 away from the city center, the center of inequality
 You chewed his words out loud.
 without getting tired of shouting inequality
 while waiting for the stretched recehan
 Sometimes some people you choose
 Not every helping hand you get. 

9 comments on “Chewing Words

  1. Bellissima . Adesso ti seguo. Grazie che ti è piaciuto il mio articolo .🙏🏻🌺🙋🏼‍♀️

  2. Sunarno, Well-written post. ❤ People everywhere complain. When they are all saying the same thing, maybe they have a point! I used to take trains and busses in DC when I lived there, It was always interesting to hear what people were talking about.

  3. Keep writing ,, sometime you give inspiration

  4. Wah bagus, Pak 👍

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