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Entah Siapa Itu

entah siapa itu menanyakan kata-kata
campur aduk dalam adonan mantra
di beranda pertemanan berseliweran
hujatan, makian, guyonan tak lagi jelas
siapa yang bercanda siapa yang tertawa
sama-sama menciptakan kebingungan
di beranda yang begitu luasnya
siapa pula bisa membantahnya 
juga siapa mempertanyakan apa
mungkin hanya lamunan atau igauan
orang-orang kurang kerjaan
bertengkar tak ada habisnya

kampungmanis, 28 juli 2021

One comment on “Entah Siapa Itu

  1. Problems with learning Torah. A baali t’shuva’s regrets, doubts, and anger. טוב

    During my first year at a Chabad yeshiva on the outskirts of Har Nof, recall a conversation with my chavruta Daniel Rumey from Canada. We discussed what we wanted to achieve after learning how to learn. Don’t recall Daniel’s expressed opinion, but well remember my response: Wanted to explore דרוש. That פשט research, the Reshonim scholars had pretty much exhausted. At that time, expressed my dissatisfaction over the dismal scholarship upon on דרוש aspect of פרדס; especially considering the fact, that the whole of the Talmud pulsated around this very wisdom.

    Rashi’s commentary on the Chumash, in the Yeshiva, constituted as required learning. There exist several hundred commentaries on Rashi. Rashi p’shat on the Chumash, truly unique. Studied six or seven of these super commentaries, but not till the Rav Kook edition did I find a commentary which traced the Rashi drosh back to their original sources. That scholarship truly impressed me – to this very day. The Rashi drosh/p’shat on the Chumash radically differs with the Rashi p’shat on the Talmud. The contrast between the 2 contrasting sh’ittot, combined with the fact that all the rabbis in the Yeshiva totally ignore this elephant in the china closet – truly bothered me.

    This former Meretz baali t’shuva, finally the sun broke the early dawn, began to view my rabbinic authorities with a growing suspicion that they did not know how to learn for beans. It seemed to me that the Baali T’shuva Yeshivot of Jerusalem only mass produced suits. People who wore the same line of clothing, had a bit of learning under their belts, and immediately got married. Thereafter these folk joined a shul whose rabbi enjoyed the status of a rock star. Such a lifestyle – not my cup of tea. The super-frum communities became a real embarrassment. That an adult man could spit upon a child walking to school in Beit Shemesh – the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    After having reached the conclusion that post WWII, the Yishishkeit educational monopoly in Israel – not only wrong, but down right corrupt and dishonest – altogether stopped the charades of practicing religion. My wife asked me why, and what caused me to stop placing tefillen and da’avening in shuls? The practice of observing the rituals of Yiddishkeit, totally soured my heart. Simply had no further desire to follow the flocks, and go through the motions of faith, while in fact being an empty vessel. When D’vara’s son, D’vara – Karen’s first born child – expressed his total dissatisfaction with the Yeshiva educational “opportunities”, fully supported his desire to tell those rabbis where they could shove it.

    This super commentary to the Rif serves as an outlet, an expression of complete and total dissatisfaction with the ways and manners of the rabbis and their monopoly over how to learn – how to learn; the silence on the chosen Cohen national Republic. Worse, their ignorance that assimilation constitutes as the first face of avoda zara. It truly offends me that this educational ‘cartel’, that their ignorance and incompetence has brought the nation to the brink of Civil War, on several occasions, since coming to Israel in 1991. All Yidden in Israel travel upon the same ‘ship of State’. The picture of political satire has become fixated within my mind. A person drilling a hole in the boat under his specific seat. The arrogance of religious frumm Yidden telling me ‘as a point of fact’, that ארץ ישראל – also g’lut!

    If I complete this commentary to the Rif, hope to thereafter publish it in a book. This word press blog permits me to assess if anyone will have an interest to consider my harsh, even acrimonious, disagreements with rabbinic Judaism today.

    Rashi p’shat on the Chumash, based upon this sh’itta of learning – reached the conclusion that דרוש ופשט learn as a pair; that רמז וסוד likewise learn as a pair. The בעל הטורים השלם which makes “cute” comparisons by means of רמז, rejected this sh’itta even before the break of dawn, that the Rambam’s code qualified as the work of a רשע. The Rambam did not openly advocate for chaos and confusion. But his work shattered the “ethical containment force” of pre-Rambam Yiddishkeit. When a person or event shatters the “ethical containment force” of a society – that civilization collapses. Developed this theory of revolutions while a history major at Texas A&M. Made the study of economics my minor.

    The countries surrounding Israel, the Arab Spring, have contributed to exporting Civil War from country to country. Great Power imperialism has likewise given its tuma contribution to this human disaster in the Middle East. The Great Powers have interests in regions. They seek dominance and control, as an expression of those ‘interests’. A strategic region of the world compares unto a tasty apple pie for criminal global megalomaniacs. The military arms race, resembles the frenzy of homosexual sex, their tendency to invite multiple partners into a single night of hedonism.

    Generals in command of a huge war chest, cram packed full with their newest experimental toys. They lack the ‘desire’ to play with these nifty toys, and show off their military genius? These pimped up Commanders, wearing their fancy uniforms and shiny medals and ribbons, have a history of considering humanity as nothing short of pawns. Whose lives – by the millions – these Generals\protectors of the free world – willing sacrifice to satisfy their lusts ‘for the greater good’.

    Insanity has yet to seduce Israeli leaders to this vile degree. But the foreign Wars which the Hasmonean dynasty fought serves as a full press warning to the newly established Jewish State. Better to rule our homelands with righteous, just, tohor-justice than to conquer empires. The Ottoman empire and the Arab empires which preceded it, none of them could conquer the military mental addiction for war.

    The Sea of Salt, hundred of feet below sea-level, and close to the Mediterranean Sea. Israel possesses a prime resource to make deserts bloom. To date Israeli leaders have failed to actualize this world changing potential. Jerusalem should demand that the education of Arab refugee populations focus upon agricultural development. Once the deserts bloom, North African countries will require experts in agricultural labor. A win\win situation, Israel could export its problematic Arab refugee populations to other countries across Egypt and North Africa.

    The exportation of “Armies” of agriculturally educated stateless Arab refugee populations to foreign Arab and Muslim countries, who never in their wildest dreams imagined that their desert infertile lands would turn green and grow crops and graze cattle. Causing the countries of the Middle East and North Africa to become food producers rather than food consumers – a Prime first Order Foreign Policy objective of the Jewish state. The Sea of Salt inherently possesses this great potential.

    Wealth presents endless possibilities for corruption and the concentration of wealth into the hands of the unworthy few. This problem defines post Civil War America, unto the present day. And causing the community of nations of the Middle East and North Africa to become food exporters compares to hopping from the pot into the fire. Hence Israel should set a free banking example for the growing and developing economies in this region of the world. Down with Keynesian economics with their Centralized Banks which determine the interest rates which all other banks in the country charge for loans.

    Domestic issues always take priority over Foreign issues. The Prime first Order Domestic Policy objectives of the Cohen Torah Republic begins with re-establishing the Torah as the Written Constitution of the Cohen Republic; imposing the lateral Sanhedrin Federal common law court system, and on the front of economics, making Israel the Hong Kong of the Middle East through the establishment of Free Banking; the breakup of the controlling families and cartel monopolies within the Jewish State.

    Torah scholarship, not limited to black suits and furry hats. Torah scholarship addresses the needs and interests of all peoples living within the borders of Torah based society! Torah scholarship does not ignore the needs and interests of folk who do not practice or believe in the Torah. Torah scholarship represents the wisdom of the Jewish people throughout the thousands and thousands of years that we have lived upon this Planet. Torah scholarship comes down (think distilled whiskey) to a very simple idea: can the Cohonim people rule the oath sworn lands with just righteous tohor justice?

    This basic and most fundamental question defines the revelation of the Torah at Sinai and Horev. A person cannot learn the rabbinic codes which base themselves upon the רמז\סוד axis without likewise learning the Aggadic\Midrash דרוש\פשט axis. Simply forbidden to divorce halacha from aggadita. This basic rule defines how to correctly learn the rabbinc Reshon codifications of halacha.

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